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Information About Self Directed IRAs – Top Resources

Key Resources and Information About Self Directed IRAs

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[0:24] This is one of the best resources for your IRA you can get!

[0:57] How can this handbook help you?

[1:20] Visit for great IRA blogs and videos.

[1:52] You can get free ebooks at!

[2:20] has 150 videos (now 215) about self directed IRA advantages and limitations.

[2:48] Go to for great information about anti-fraud practices.

[3:10] Look up your state securities website when considering any self directed IRA custodians.

[4:02] Here’s what’s coming up on Sunwest Trust next week!

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Information About Self Directed IRAs – Top Resources

    1. The Self Directed IRA Handbook by Mat Sorensen. Currently, we are including them in the welcome package for new IRA clients, but we are also providing a copy of this book to anyone who requests it. The book covers just about everything, including, but not limited to; what an IRA is, what types of investments can be made, prohibited transactions, self directed IRAs and real estate, IRA LLC’s, etc. For self directed IRA beginners, I would suggest reading the first few chapters first, and once you are comfortable with those themes, then move on to the more advanced chapters when you need them.


    1. Another great source for information is It’s a website created by the author of The Self Directed IRA Handbook, Mat Sorensen. The website contains video training, blogs, an SDIRA law library, and many other features. I highly suggest you take a minute to navigate through the website to have a look at what it has to offer.


    1. Mat also has another website that’s also worth a look: On this website, there is a free ebook. Enter your name, email, and state to sign up for the ebook and start receiving a weekly newsletter, which includes tax deadlines, legal tips, and the weekly radio show. It’s great advice, it’s free, and there’s no obligation whatsoever.


    1. You can look around our website. We regularly have new, updated content. We also have over 215 videos on YouTube so if you have a question, we’ve probably covered it. If you can’t find an answer within one of our videos, please submit the question and we’ll create a video with the answer. In addition, check out our self directed IRA question and answer sections provided under the Resources tab.


    1. We mentioned RITA, the Retirement Industry Trust Association, in our last video/blog. They are a great source of information as well. Their website is It contains links to education, IRAs in the news, upcoming events, research and reports, and government relations. The site also has tips to avoid pitfalls in your IRA, such as Ponzi schemes, as well as fraud in general.


  1. And lastly, you should look to your state’s Securities Division. You can do a fair amount of research on the company, or companies, which you’re are potentially going to be investing with on their website. The regulations set forth in your state’s Securities Division will help in fraud prevention. You can contact your state’s Securities Division or the state in which the transaction will take place, but keep in mind that they could change from state to state.

Next week we will continue to share a few of our favorite places to search for good, quality information regarding self directed IRAs.


Good afternoon. Thank you for tuning in to Tuesday at Two. Today, we’re going to start talking about places that you can go to find information about self-directed IRAs. Here at Sunwest Trust, it’s very important for us to educate our customers so that they know what they’re doing and they know how to do it.

The first thing I want to point out is, obviously, the Self-Directed IRA Handbook that we provide. If you haven’t already received one of those, be sure to go to our website and request one. We would be happy to send it to you. If you’re a new account holder with Sunwest Trust, every new account holder receives that book with their welcome package, you should get that and I would take the time [to read through it].

You don’t necessarily need to read the entire book. I’d read the first few chapters that talk about general information about self-directed IRAs and then find the chapters that apply to what you’re planning on investing in right now. There are chapters on LLCs. There are chapters on real estate, precious metals, and those kinds of things. You don’t necessarily need to sit down and read the entire book all at once (although that would be great), but look up the information that applies specifically to what you want to invest in and read the first few chapters about it.

Along those lines, one of the best places to look online for information is That’s a website created by Mat Sorensen, the author of the book Self-Directed IRA Handbook. There are some great blogs there, as well as some good information. I was looking at it earlier this morning. He’s got a video series that you might be interested in that you can purchase, which will give you great information about self-directed IRAs, a lot of information that’s in the handbook.

The other thing to look at is his law firm website, which is There, he has an e-book that you can obtain for free. You just sign up to receive it. There are two e-books there. One is specific to self-directed IRAs and investing in real estate. The other talks about tax issues. It might be something that would be worthwhile not specifically about self-directed IRAs. It would be very good.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention We have, I think, 150 videos now about various aspects of IRAs and how to invest your IRA and what you can do with your IRA.

If you’ve been watching our videos, you know that I’m on the Board of Directors for the Retirement Industry Trust Association. Sunwest Trust is a member of that organization. Their website is That’s a great place to go. There’s great information and some general information. There’s great information about anti-fraud and ways to detect fraud and Ponzi schemes and that kind of thing. So that’s some really good information.

The last one I want to mention today for this Tuesday at Two video is looking for your state securities website, the securities division of your particular state. I’m sure it has a website and I’m sure there’s a lot of really good information available regarding fraud prevention, anti-fraud. You can look up the companies that you’re potentially thinking about investing in, to determine whether they’ve done the securities registration that’s required of them. I would give those folks a call if you have any questions about the particular company that you’re investing in.

Obviously, if you’re going to buy real estate or precious metals, they wouldn’t be able to help you with that. If you’re buying something that looks like it might be a security, I would call your state or the state where the investment is, where the investment sponsor is. It may need to be registered in that particular state.

That’s just a handful of good places to start. Stay tuned for next Tuesday at Two where we’ll give you some more information about that, some more ideas of the ways that you can get ideas on what you can do with your self-directed IRA and then do your due diligence before you actually make investments in your IRA.

I look forward to seeing you again next week. Thank you for tuning in this week.

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