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Whether It’s Good Or Bad – Learn Why Millennials Are Saving For Retirement Investing In Bitcoin

Bitcoin and other forms of web-based cryptocurrencies have yet to penetrate the mainstream markets in any significant way yet, but that reality might soon change if a growing number of millennials have anything to do with it.

Whether investing in bitcoin is good or bad investment decision, the prevailing trend is now more and more young people are looking to cashless currencies for their long-term investments and savings.

bitcoin investments made by millennials

Millennial wearing VR glasses surrounded by bitcoins and virtual currency.

Key Takeaways from the Forbes article:

  • More and more millennials are turning to web-based cryptocurrencies to house their long-term financial investments and life’s savings.
  • Among the millennial generation, there is widespread disillusionment with mainstream financial institutions as well as a sense of betrayal.
  • Financial experts warn that if this trend continues, the result will be severe upheaval within mainstream financial institutions at some point in the near not too distant future.

“While discussions about the concept of an unregulated digital payment system rage on, there are a group of millennials who are thinking about a cashless future — and putting their money where their thumbs are.”

 Now it is your turn. Do you think buying bitcoin is a good investment strategy that Millennials can take to the bank when they are ready to retire? Share your thoughts with us and join the conversation on the Sunwest Trust Facebook page.

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