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Sunwest Trust Now Offers Spanish Language Real Estate Contracts

For your Convenience, Sunwest Trust has Informational Resources in Spanish

Sunwest Trust now offers informational copies of Real Estate Contracts in Spanish.  If you or anyone you know has a Real Estate Contract that was prepared by Steider & Associates and would like a copy of it in Spanish, please let us know and we would be happy to provide that for them.

The Spanish contract that we provide is FREE of charge, but is for informational purposes only.  The real estate contract is an exact Spanish language replica of the contract that Tim Steider provides for his clients.  However, the contract does not include the legal description of your particular property.  It also does not provide the amount, interest rate or term of your particular contract.

Sunwest Trust Understands the Needs of ALL New Mexico Residents

We understand that many of our clients here in New Mexico speak English as their second language.  In an effort to better provide for those clients we have decided to make this Spanish language contract available to them for free. Cynthia ArchuletaExecutive Vice President.

A better understanding of your contract makes the process smoother for both the buyer and the seller; not to mention making it easier for Sunwest Trust to provide escrow servicing.

Again, this contract is for informational purposes only.  The Spanish version of the contract will not be signed by either party and it cannot be recorded with the County Clerk.

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