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“While the “market” was going through some major ups and downs a couple of years ago, I decided my IRA would be safer in a Self Directed IRA and investigated Sunwest Trust. After some deliberation I felt confident Sunwest Trust would meet my needs. Being a “newbie”, I had several questions before, during and even after the transfer of my funds. [Sunwest Trust] has been very helpful, informative and patient with my questions over the past couple of years. As different situations come up, I have no hesitation in emailing them with further questions, and, they have been quick to answer, polite and very professional.”

Ann L.

Aurora, CO

“I have spent the last several weeks reviewing your website. You have done a phenomenal job providing meda tutorial, resources and forms on the website. It looks very simple to have a client enroll through your process. This will definitely make our job much easier.”

G. Nguyen

Fountain Valley, CA

“I just wanted to give you a little feedback on these educational emails. They are excellent. I like the way that you provide both written and video information. I like the way that you present it – in a simple, straight-forward manner. And, the topics selected are always relevant. Keep up the great work!”


“Whenever we started our IRAs with you, we were a little hesitant and worried– it being a new thing and you being out of state. But 2+ years later I’d like to say how much we appreciate you guys. I selfishly hope you don’t grow too much so the service stays the same–personal, professional and so very efficient.”

Martin & Alice