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Investor Fraud Alert

Dear Self-Directed IRA account holder:

Please take some time to review the information contained in this letter before selecting any investment for your self-directed IRA account. REMEMBER YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SAFETY AND SECURITY OF YOUR RETIREMENT ACCOUNT. SUNWEST TRUST, INC. DOES NOT AND CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR INVESTMENT.


Be sure you understand what you are investing in. Ask lots of questions and do your research. You have a world of information at your fingertips with the Internet. Don’t just check out the investment website but also use search engines, blogs, and your friends on social media to find out about the investment. Check out the agent selling, and any people associated with the investment.

Check with your State Securities regulators. Check in your state, and the state in which the investment is located, to see if the investment is registered and get any feedback the regulators are willing to offer. The Securities Exchange Commission ( and FINRA ( are good places to look also.

Understand that any investment other than a cash deposit of $250,000 or less in an FDIC insured bank can lose value.

Understand that Sunwest Trust, Inc. does not endorse or guarantee any investment.

Sunwest does not sell any investment nor do they have any agents that sell any investments. Sunwest is only a custodian for your IRA account.

Beware of RED FLAGS that may come up regarding your investment. These RED FLAGS may include guaranteed returns, high-pressure sales techniques and above market returns. The old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.”

It is smart to have a trusted professional (such as a lawyer, accountant or financial advisor) review the investments you are considering for a second opinion. Money invested upfront for professional help could save a lot in the long run. Also, keep in mind “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. Your advisor can help you decide how much you should put into any one investment.

Investing with a self directed IRA can be a great way to invest your retirement funds, but remember YOU are responsible for the safety and profitably of the assets your IRA invests.