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Gold & Silver IRA:Investing Your Retirement In Gold And Silver

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Select Sunwest Trust To Be Your Gold & Silver IRA Custodian

You have taken the first step toward building a strong foundation by investigating the opportunity precious metals presents as an asset in your IRA. Sunwest Trust offers the precious metal IRA allowing you to purchase gold and silver in your retirement account.

Steps to Buying Gold & Silver in an IRA

1 Select a Gold and Silver IRA Custodian

Your first step in creating a precious metal IRA is opening a gold and silver IRA account with Sunwest Trust, Inc.

2 Select a Precious Metals Broker To Purchase Gold and Silver

Once you have opened your precious metal IRA, you must decide where you are going to purchase your precious metals. You must be careful in your selection of a broker for the precious metals before you invest. When selecting a precious metals broker, do your due diligence. We suggest speaking with an accountant or an attorney. Also, reach out to friends, do research online and interview a half-dozen metal brokers.

3 Submit a Direction of Investment

Once you have chosen your broker and are comfortable with your decision, you will negotiate your purchase with the broker and send Sunwest a direction of investment form with a complete description of what you want to purchase and instruct your broker to send Sunwest confirmation of the purchase and the amount of the purchase.

4 Wire Funds to Complete The Gold and Silver Purchase

Once the documents are received and verified by Sunwest, we will send a check or wire funds to complete the purchase.

5 Metals Will Be Shipped to Delaware Depository

Your metal’s broker will be instructed to ship the metals to Delaware Depository, and Depository office will verify receipt of the shipment.

Gold & Silver IRA Fees

Due to the added cost of storing the metals, the annual custodial fee for a Precious Metals IRA account is slightly higher than a real estate investment IRA. The additional fee is reflected in the comprehensive Sunwest Trust gold and silver IRA fee schedule, which is also included in your setup package. All other fees and expenses associated with your IRA are the same. PLEASE NOTE: As a client of Sunwest Trust, Inc., or any other self directed custodian, it is completely your responsibility to investigate every investment that you make. Sunwest cannot and does not provide any protection from a poor or improper investment. Make sure you know what you are investing in, with whom you are investing, and what investments may constitute a violation or prohibited transaction.