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Self Directed IRAs

Open a Self Directed IRA and Truly Diversify Your Retirement

There has never been a better time than right now to open a self directed IRA account. After all, there is no advantage in waiting. The longer you wait to start setting aside money for retirement, the longer it will take for your retirement dreams to become a reality.

Retirement plans provide an opportunity to make investments in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment. Sunwest Trust offers a wide variety of retirement plans, including Roth IRAs, Traditional IRAs, SEP IRAs, and SIMPLE IRAs.

Sunwest Trust Can Serve As The Custodian For Your Self Directed IRA Account

Sunwest Trust can serve as the custodian of your retirement account while allowing you to direct the investments into your IRA account.

At Sunwest Trust, we believe you are the best steward of your retirement assets. Exercise the benefit of setting up an IRA account! If you have any questions about opening a self directed IRA account, call Sunwest Trust at 855-706-7374 and ask to speak with one of our IRA specialists.

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Select Sunwest Trust As Your IRA Custodian

With Sunwest Trust as custodian for your retirement account, there is a world of diverse assets you can invest. These include, but are not limited to Real Estate, Mortgages, Real Estate Contracts, Publicly Traded Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Private Limited Partnerships, Private Stock Offerings, Private Limited Liability Companies, Secured and Unsecured Notes.

Open a Self Directed IRA Account

Disclaimer: As a valued client of Sunwest Trust, Inc., it is your responsibility to investigate every self directed IRA investment opportunity you decide to make.

Sunwest does not provide investment offerings, investment advice or protect you from an inadequate or improper IRA investment. After all with Sunwest Trust, you are self directed.

We advise you make sure you know what you are investing in, with whom you are investing prior to making an investment.

Also, commit to completing your due diligence before opening an IRA account, learn the IRA rules and what types of investments constitute a prohibited IRA transaction and violate the IRS tax code.

Fees To Open A Self Directed IRA

Are you interested in reviewing Sunwest Trust’s transparent IRA fee schedule? To remain competitive, we provide you some of the lowest custodial fees in the industry without compromising IRA services.

What The Investment Insiders Know That About Retirement Investments

Most of us are familiar with IRAs and 401Ks. In fact, most of us probably have one or the other or maybe even both. What most stockbrokers and brokerage houses don’t want you to know is that your retirement money is not confined to the stock market. Retirement funds can be invested into anything of the account holders choosing with a few exceptions.*

Most brokerage houses make commissions based on the stocks, bonds or mutual funds that they sell to you. Due to this fact, it is not in their interest to notify clients or even allow them to invest in alternative investments, such as real estate, precious metals or private placements.

Self directed IRAs provide account holders with the opportunity to invest in these alternative or non-traditional investments. Most self-directed IRA custodians are fee-based companies. This means that they do not make a commission off of anything that you purchase in your retirement account; they simply charge you an annual fee for record keeping and IRS reporting. This allows clients the most freedom to truly diversify their nest egg.

Sunwest Trust is an IRA custodian that specializes in IRAs invested in alternative investments. Opening a self directed IRA with Sunwest Trust is as simple as you filling out a few forms and rolling over or transferring money from any existing qualified retirement account. Within a few weeks, you can break away from the constraints of just investing in the stock market, direct your IRA and begin truly diversifying your retirement account.

Review our videos about prohibited transactions.